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A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Start a Medical Spa Business

In recent years, the medical spa industry has gained so much attention that its market value has ballooned to $16.3 ...
Medspa owner calculates startup expenses.

Best Strategies for Minimizing Medical Spa Start-Up Costs

A medical spa can be a smart business start-up, especially considering how many people want to look and feel their ...
types of fractional lasers

Types of Fractional Lasers and Learning Which One Is Best for You

Fractional lasers are advanced tools that can precisely target and treat skin irregularities. Learn more and identify which is best ...
Lasers Growing in Preventative Dermatology

Lasers Growing in Preventative Dermatology

Laser treatment may soon be used to prevent the recurrence of skin cancer. Plus, it helps prevent acne, aging and ...
Aesthetic Laser Maintenance Checklist

Aesthetic Laser Maintenance Checklist

Owning an aesthetic laser system is a hefty investment. If you want to be recognized by offering high-level services and ...
A medspa technician holds the hand piece of a cosmetic laser device.

How to Purchase the Best Laser Equipment

When in the market for aesthetic laser equipment, consider the following important criteria before purchasing ...
cosmetic trade show event out of focus

Mark Your Calendar: 2023-2024 Aesthetic Industry Conferences

Things are moving and shaking again in the cosmetic and aesthetic industry. Laser Service Solutions and our colleagues are excited ...
Summer: Why You Should Advise Clients to Wait for Tattoo Removal 

Summer: Why You Should Advise Clients to Wait for Tattoo Removal 

Laser practitioners should advise against beginning tattoo removal during the summer because exposure to the sun, swimming, and risks complicate ...
Two images showing before and after combination therapy tattoo removal.

Best Practices for Laser Tattoo Removal

As the demand for tattoo removal grows, practitioners and medspa businesses are looking for the best way to meet this need. New research shows ...
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