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Full-Service Contracts

We know that when failures occur, downtime is detrimental to your business and repairs can become increasingly expensive for such a vital component. That’s why LSS service contracts include complete coverage for your system.

Full-service contracts cover the entire laser giving you peace of mind. Laser Service Solutions offers annual contracts and discounts on two-year contracts. Here are a few advantages of choosing the full-service contract option from Laser Service Solutions:

  • Parts, labor, and travel included
  • Priority scheduling response time within 48 hours.
  • Disposables are excluded – handpieces, fiber, and delivery optics.
  • Complete service history report is maintained and available upon request.

Additional Service Options

Why Laser Repair Service Contracts Are Needed

Service contracts are an essential necessity with high-tech aesthetic equipment, as even the best-manufactured laser will malfunction occasionally, and lasers come with only a limited warranty on parts. Used laser equipment often comes with just a three-month warranty on parts. Some laser manufacturers don’t even allow the original one-year warranty to be transferred to another buyer. Not only can lasers be damaged by daily wear and tear, but without maintenance, it will affect the reliability, safety and effectiveness of all cosmetic laser systems and handpieces 

The lifespan of aesthetic laser equipment can be significantly impacted by common issues, often leading to the need for repair and maintenance services that can cause high indirect costs. A factor often affecting the functionality is that many laser handpieces cease to operate after 50,000 pulses. The frequent services required for such appliances generally span from replacing critical components like flash lamps, IPL lamps, flow tubes, damaged windows, and wires to more complex procedures involving servicing the cooling system.

Other common problems include cracked screens, repair of power supplies, diode lasers, base units, replacement of outer shells, or re-calibration of equipment. Plus, it’s expected that regular maintenance, like the cleaning and aligning of optical components or reflective cavity, will be needed within the lifecycle of the unit.

Advantages of LSS Laser Repair Service Contracts

Service contracts remain one of the biggest decisions that med practices make when buying a laser; do it right with Laser Service Solutions, and you’ll protect your investment and save money in the long run. Our customers always get fast, reliable, and professional service.

Laser Service Solutions is the leading provider of pre-owned, refurbished aesthetic laser equipment, parts, and service repairs. Our mission is to provide affordable access to the latest technology, technical repair services, and custom-manufactured laser parts to physicians nationwide. We offer both preventative maintenance plans and two-year, full-service contracts. Contact us for more information.

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