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Patients with rosacea are faced with an uphill battle that is often mischaracterized as being difficult or impossible to treat. These patients are told to stay out of the sun, avoid other irritants, use topical medications or oral antibiotics. If you’re a medical professional, I’m sure you see the commonality; these solutions provide only temporary relief.

If you’re searching for a better course of treatment for your rosacea patients, laser is the most effective treatment plan out there. This therapy drastically minimizes the veins, allowing relief of unwanted redness. Instead of simply treating discreet symptoms, laser therapy can provide effective and long-lasting treatments.

If you’re thinking about incorporating laser therapy into your list of services for rosacea patients, but aren’t sure if it’s worth it, let us answer a few common concerns.

The Credentials that Matter to Your Patients

    1. Showcase Your Accolades Beyond Being Licensed

Lasers are powerful therapeutic tools that should only be wielded by those who are trained and qualified. While licensing is needed in many states, it is only a minimal requirement. To ensure the safety and trust of your patients, it is necessary to show that your staff is qualified and experienced.

    1. Be Transparent About Who Performs Each Procedure

There should always be full transparency about who is performing the procedures. For safety, only trained medical professionals such as doctors, physician assistants or registered nurses should be operating facial laser equipment.

    1. Make On-Site Supervision Your Standard

A licensed physician should be on site to provide supervision. Some clinics advertise supervision by doctors who are not in the same office or the same state. You can distinguish your practice by making it clear who is on staff, what your qualifications are and your staff’s expertise in the procedure.

    1. Share Success Stories

Patients can also develop trust through seeing the results you have attained for other rosacea sufferers. Be sure to collect and share success stories while maintaining full HIPAA compliance. When patients learn about the benefits that others have seen, they are more likely to feel comfortable choosing the procedure themselves.

What Lasers Are Effective for Rosacea?

Not all lasers are created equal. The VBeam Perfecta Laser by Candela has a strong track record for treatment of rosacea. This laser is a pulsed-dye laser, which is highly effective at removing linear spider veins associated with this difficult condition. It also can diminish redness and reduce enlarged pores.

What Lasers Should I Avoid in Treating Facial Veins and Rosacea?

Intense pulsed light (IPL) lasers, while effective for other conditions, are an ineffective choice for rosacea and facial veins. These lasers target pigment without distinction between good and bad pigmentation. They have a wide range of wave lengths and cannot offer the targeted benefits that a pulsed-dye laser can.

Is This an Ongoing Service I Can Provide for my Patients?

Laser treatment of rosacea is highly effective. Patients will often see a dramatic improvement after their first treatment. In general, a series of two to four treatments is necessary to remove all veins and keep them controlled for an extended period of time. An annual maintenance treatment is recommended once the patient is happy with achieved results.

Additional treatments may need to be repeated regularly if patients have continued sun exposure. Those who are able to stay out of the sun during peak hours, wear sunscreen daily and install UV-blocking window film on their cars should be good with just one annual treatment.

How Can I Secure a Positive ROI on This Service?

LSS offers the best financial option for every practice.

One way to incorporate laser treatments is to consider a Rental agreement.(only available in certain geographic area’s) This will allow you to get access to top quality equipment without the commitment of purchasing a laser. This option is typically best for offices treating only a few rosacea patients, and only need a laser a few days per month. If you have a higher volume of patients suffering from rosacea you may consider buying or leasing a previously owned Candela Perfecta. LSS is happy to assist with financing options.

Still Not Convinced?

Give us a call with any questions you may have. We’ll help you figure out the best options for your needs.

As a healthcare provider, you want to give your patients the most effective care possible. By adding laser therapy to your offerings, you can provide your patients with highly effective treatment for rosacea and other stubborn skin issues. Get in touch with us today by calling (856)853-7555 or use our online contact form to learn more about how you can add this cutting-edge technology to your practice.

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