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Laser Service Solutions FAQs

    General FAQs

  • Why should I purchase pre-owned aesthetic equipment instead of new equipment?

    Buying a brand new laser is a big investment! Whether you’re new to the industry or trying to offer some different services to your clients, Laser Service Solutions has an impressive collection of gently used aesthetic equipment. Buying a pre-owned laser not only saves money, but can be a better investment than a brand new system since the highest percentage of depreciation happens when systems go from new to used!

  • What’s the benefit of renting a cosmetic laser?

    Laser Service Solutions maintains the most recent systems available from trusted brands including Cynosure, Candela, and Alma. If you’re a facility looking to offer the most cutting-edge laser technology, then renting is for you! Not only does renting keep your system modern, it gives you the opportunity to test before you invest.

    Additionally our rental agreements include system maintenance and training, keeping the facility’s overhead costs lower. Moreover, rented lasers are only there when you need them, keeping bulky equipment out of the way when not in use. Whether you are looking to expand your treatment options or try on a new system, LSS can accommodate all your rental needs!

  • What states are your rentals available in?

    Our laser rentals are available to facilities located within 4 hours driving distance from our home base in Paulsboro, NJ; due to our commitment to servicing and educating our rental clients. This includes but is not limited to NJ, NY, DE, PA, MD, and VA.

  • What payment methods are available?

    LSS accepts: cash, all major credit cards, checks, international wire transfers, Intuit, and PayPal.

  • What is your return policy?

    Parts sales can only be refunded or replaced when items purchased were also installed by LSS licensed technicians, and only under circumstances of defect. Parts installed by technicians outside of LSS are non-refundable.

  • Do you offer discounts?

    When scheduling Preventative Maintenance for one system we offer a $200 discount for each additional system serviced in the same visit!

  • Do you provide warranties?

    Work completed by LSS technicians is warrantied one month after completion. For parts sales such as pump chambers, power supplies etc., please see the warranty indicated in your invoice.

  • How quickly can a technician get to me for service?

    Most customers in need of service can have a technician at their door within 24-48 hours to limit downtime at your facility! Because we service systems across the U.S. scheduling can depend on the location of your practice.

  • Do your pump chambers come with a warranty?

    Yes, all LSS pump chambers include a warranty of 1 year. This warranty is void if the LSS seal has been tampered with or LSS lamps were not used.

  • Service FAQs

  • Do you offer laser repair services?

    We pride ourselves in being leaders and innovators in laser repair services and offer extensive repair services on most aesthetic devices. Our division is headed by a team of Photonic Laser Specialists who’ve received comprehensive training from industry leading medical device companies. Whether we come to you or your equipment is sent here, you’re in good hands with LSS!

  • What types of maintenance plans do you offer?

    Laser Service Solutions offers a Preventative Maintenance Plan and a Full Service Contract. These include service visits, calibrations, and performance testing. And even some parts such as focus lenses, water filters, and air filters. Please read more about our Preventative Maintenance Plan here.

  • What is included in the price of a service call?

    Whether your laser is completely down or you just need preventative maintenance, call us! If you’re having an issue with your system we’ll troubleshoot over the phone and may request videos or images so we can diagnose your problem. Then we use the information to send a free estimate for labor and parts.

    This also allows our technicians to be as prepared as possible, reducing the need for additional costs. If you’re seeking preventative maintenance the cost includes labor, travel*, calibration, cleaning, and a status report on the current state of the system.

  • If my laser needs a new part, how long do I have to wait?

    Laser Service Solutions keeps many parts in stock in order to limit the downtime of your system! Orders are usually fulfilled same day for stocked parts, and customers can choose ground or next day shipping*! Specialty parts can be ordered upon request and may take longer. For in house repairs such as fibers and handpieces, a 3-4 day turnaround is typical. If you don’t find what you’re seeking here please call (856)-853-7555 during our hours of operation for special inquires.

    *Any customer requesting a next day shipment must place order before 3:00 PM EST, and will accrue an additional shipping fee.

  • How often should my aesthetic laser be serviced?

    Manufacturers suggest servicing your laser every six months, but wear and tear is determined by use. If you’re a high volume facility using your laser daily, we do recommend service twice a year at least. But many facilities use systems sporadically; if you fall into this category an annual check-up may be better.

  • How do I schedule a service?

    There are a few ways to schedule service with LSS. The best way is to use our Request a Service Call Form and the service department will reach out to help you troubleshoot and get you scheduled. Or you can call us at 844-755-1064 and we’ll be happy to help you!

  • What lasers do you service?
  • What does a handpiece refurbishment include?
    • New Flashlamp
    • Reflector Replacement
    • New Lightguide (if needed)
    • Restoration of output power
    • Handpiece Shell (if needed)
  • Product FAQs

  • Do you offer custom designed parts and components?

    Yes, we do! Laser Service Solutions aims to cut cost and support the third-party market. All parts made by us are manufactured, assembled and tested in the USA. If we don’t manufacture it, we stock it from the manufacturer. We carry a large selection of parts in house and can order specialty parts as needed!

  • My laser’s fibers are damaged. What should I do?

    Unfortunately, fiber delivery systems are not covered by most service contracts as they’re considered disposables. New fibers are available; however, having your fibers repaired will save you money and will last just as long as a replacement! Simply send in your fiber and we’ll provide you with a free quote for repair.

  • What is the typical turn-around time for a HVPS repair?

    We ask that you send your supply in for an evaluation and quote. Once approved, the typical turn-around time is 10-14 business days. We also sell new and refurbished power supplies should you choose to replace your damaged HVPS!

  • Do you provide repairs for Zimmer systems?

    Laser Service Solutions is proud to be a Zimmer authorized service center. We offer field service and in-house repairs for Zimmer systems including the Cryo 5 and Cryo 6. We also stock a variety of Zimmer parts! Because Zimmer repair can take longer LSS can sometimes provide a loaner in extreme cases.

  • How can I tell the serial number on my laser?

    Your Serial Number can be found on a sticker or serial plate, typically found on the back of your machine. There you’ll also find the date of manufacture.

  • What do I do when my Alma Harmony or Harmony XL Handpiece runs out of pulses?

    We specialize in Alma Handpiece repair and can make your handpiece as good as new for a fraction of the cost it would take to replace it! Simply ship your handpiece to LSS with a business card & a note detailing your concerns for a free quote. *We will NEVER repair anything without your approval.* 


  • Are LSS Pump chambers really better than the manufacturer?

    LSS manufactures our own pump chambers because we thought the manufacturer chambers were under-performing. We’ve been perfecting our style chamber for years using the strongest reflectors and have done research and development here in our office on our lamps.

    Every part, down to the stainless steel screws, was carefully selected to make our chambers the strongest, most durable pump chamber you’ll ever buy. One LSS chamber has even reached over 11 million pulses and is still going strong!

  • Clinical FAQs

  • What are the recovery times for ablative vs. nonablative laser treatments?

  • What are the best settings for laser treatments?

  • How many laser treatments to remove a tattoo?

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