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High Voltage Power Supply Repair

 High Voltage Power Supplies (HVPS) are the main component in every laser system and failures can be extremely expensive. OEMs charge as much as $15,000 for new replacements! Here are the top reasons to trust Laser Service Solutions for high voltage power supply repair services.

Cost-Effective Repair Solution for HVPSs

LSS offers a more affordable solution with repair services for most supplies that are used in the aesthetic laser market at a fraction of the cost. Plus, all repairs performed by LSS come with a 30 warranty.

Tested to Ensure Reliability

HVPSs consist of multiple intricate sub-systems. LSS’s engineers will diagnose and repair the main failure as well as test, replace and/or upgrade the entire system. After every damaged or weakened component has been replaced, your supply is placed through vigorous stress procedures on our test fixtures to guarantee operation upon arrival.

Quick Turnaround

The typical lead time for high voltage power supply repair services is 10-14 business days.

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