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What services are people looking forward to indulging in as restrictions are lifted following the COVID-19 pandemic? Market researchers say one of the top industries that will experience a boom in post-lockdown demand is beauty treatments and non-invasive cosmetic procedures.  

Leading dermatologists anticipate a rush for elective treatments as soon as businesses are able to open back up. And by scanning social media activitymarket studies have seen a quantifiable boost in engagement related to beauty treatments. This mirrors the rebound of the beauty business that companies in China have experienced since pandemic control measures were lifted earlier this year. 

Based on these trends, many in the field also anticipate a substantial increase in demand for aesthetic lasers and energy devices as the economy picks up again. According to MarketWatch, global demand for laser therapy devices is projected to bounce back and continue to grow in the coming months as consumer spending increases.  

How Can Your Business Make the Most of this Peak in Demand? 

Customers are excited to get back to their beauty routine and even schedule some extra pampering. Likewise, business owners are eager to get back to work. Here are some tips on how to take advantage of this period when demand for services should be on the rise. 

1. Tell Clientele About New Protocol 

There has clearly been a bigger focus on cleaning and hygiene practices in public spaces since the pandemic hit. Aesthetic clinics have responded appropriately by tightening their office health and safety protocols. Because this will be a concern for new and returning customers, communicate with them about how you are doing things differently 

  • Use of face masks and gloves. 
  • Hygiene requirements for staff and clientele 
  • Limited appointments and restrictions on visitors. 
  • Touchless services.  
  • Sanitizing practices. 

This information should be included as an informative update on the practice’s website and a brief mention when customers book appointments.  

2. Focus on Products 

While restrictions are still in place and customers may have reservations about in-office procedures, product sales can be a consistent source of income. Promote the beauty products that your office carries through your website, social channels, and blogs. Customers will be happy to know they can still get the topicals they love through curbside pickup, delivery, or touch-free sales 

3. Keep in Touch 

Use technology to stay in touch with loyal followers. A great way to do this is to pivot from face-to-face consultations to web-based tutorialsMany beauty workers have shifted their businesses to digital forums where they provide advice on everything from skincare to at-home solutions for common problems.  

See how these beauty industry experts have taken their business online by offering advice in an entertaining video format. 

In this period, dermatologists are increasingly using HIPAA-compliant telehealth technology to consult with patients. But additionally, video and live streaming can be a great platform for demonstrating the benefits of your latest product line or promoting the latest cosmetic treatment. Throughout the beauty industry, practitioners have been extremely creative in replacing live events with virtual versions of the same concept and even providing virtual cosmetic consultations. 

We all had to learn to pivot and found ourselves quickly connecting with our customers in an entirely new level of personal engagement that included FaceTiming to teach them how to double cleanse with their sonic brush while they were in their bathroom, and providing multi-mask tips for the whole family. This digital engagement, however, may have just saved your small business through these dark, social distancing months,” explains Annet King from Bio-Therapeutic. 

4. Be Mindful of Budgets 

Unfortunately, many people have been impacted by economically by this coronavirus. In fact, market trends show that consumers are largely shifting to more buget-friendly skincare products and cosmetic treatments. As your practice plans for re-opening activities, keep in mind that clientele may be more cost-conscious than usual. Depending on your client base, you may want to offer discounts and promotions to encourage customers to schedule multiple treatments. Package deals are a great way to invite customers back. 

5. Offer Attractive Add-Ons  

According to many industry insiders, injectables and derma fillers will be some of the most sought-after cosmetic treatments after lockdown. In this period, customers really want to get rid of wrinkles so offering injections or peels as complementary services with laser treatments can motivate clientele to schedule appointments sooner rather than later.  

6. Preferential Treatment 

If you anticipate big demand for services post-COVID restrictions, consider contacting return customers personally and giving them precedence. Preferential treatment is particularly appreciated by loyal clients and now, more than ever, they are put off by long waitlists. If possible, honor these loyal client relationships by providing valued customers with the opportunity to schedule aesthetic services before opening up booking to the wider public. 

Back to Business with Success 

Contact Laser Service Solutions to discuss how we can help your medspa or dermatology practice successfully reopen for business. We provide cost-effective solutions and help expand your service offering with convenient deals on leasing and renting laser equipment, as well as great opportunities to purchase high-quality pre-owned equipment 

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