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Medspa businesses face steep competition in some areas. It can be a challenge to get customers to schedule appointments and get treatments booked week after week. That’s why many medical spa managers have started offering some attractive complimentary services that work well with laser treatments.

Advantages of Free Add-On MedSpa Services

Of course, everyone loves getting free stuff! Here are some strategic reasons that your medspa business should think about advertising some desirable free extras.

Build Customer Loyalty

Current clientele is more likely to return and book follow-up appointments if they feel rewarded for their business.

Attract New Potential Customers

Bring in more new customers by offering free treatments and package deals. Free treatments for first time customers are a well known strategy to increase both new clientele and referrals.

Advertise New Treatments

Why not let new & returning customers try out new, more advanced procedures for free? Complimentary trials will help raise awareness about the benefits of the latest services offered. Treatment offers are a great way to boost the success of any social media marketing effort.

Increase Referrals

Some businesses have used coupons, referral cards, or email campaigns to grow their client network. Current clients are happy to pass on their recommendation, with a complimentary service, to friends and family. So, consider using a treatment gift to help your existing customers build word-of-mouth buzz and increase referrals.

Maximize Results

Some cosmetic laser procedures and skincare therapies work best in combination with add-on treatments. By offering these smaller procedures for free, you are strategically highlighting the effectiveness of more expensive therapies. This will boost overall results, customer satisfaction and, in turn, increase the likeliness of gaining referral patients.

Determining Which Services to Offer with Laser Treatment

Secure these lucrative advantages for your medspa business by selecting the right complimentary services to offer.


This minimally invasive technique has been shown to decrease the appearance of scars, increase collagen, and encourage hair growth. Microneedling can be used in combination with popular laser treatments to improve results. It’s a fairly simple procedure, which makes it a great complimentary extra.

When combined with a non-ablative Nd:YAG laser, for example, patients can see immediate improvement in acne, scars, Rosacea, wrinkles and skin elasticity. Because both the laser therapy and microneedling processes increase collagen, clients notice an even fuller look following a quick facial.


As a fast add-on, dermaplaning boosts customer satisfaction because they may be able to reach desired results with less visits.

Estheticians and medspa staff have started offering complimentary dermaplaning with laser hair removal services on the face. This technique uses a scalpel to delicately remove dirt, oil and tiny facial hair, while exfoliating the surface of the skin. Clients love it as a painless alternative to tweezing, waxing, or shaving with a razor. When performed prior to laser hair removal, it makes the treatment more effective. By freeing the skin’s surface of dead skin cells, the laser is more accurate and can penetrate directly to the targeted hair.

For skin rejuvenation, dermaplaning is also a great follow-up service to gift with non-ablative laser treatments. Together, these two procedures work to resurface the skin and speed up cellular turnover for patients with hyperpigmentation, sun-damaged skin, signs of aging and large pores. About 10 days after the client’s laser treatment, the dermaplane process effectively clears away dead skin produced by the treatment and will reveal refreshed skin.


Unlike other energy-based aesthetic devices, lasers can be paired with injectable treatments in one sitting. There is no evidence that laser therapy can destabilize or damage fillers, like Botox®; they are safe to use together in the same appointment. Experts even say that combining laser treatments and fillers provides great results for patients. This is especially true for especially for scar reduction, skin laxity and facial contouring.

Chemical Peels

For impressive, long-term improvement of irregular pigmentation, sun damage, moderate scarring, and deep wrinkles, medspas are successfully combining chemical peels with laser resurfacing. A chemical peel effectively removes the top layer of skin on the face and neck. This reveals, softer, healthier-looking skin lying below. When used in tandem with laser resurfacing, it delivers a high degree of customer satisfaction for facial rejuvenation.

It’s important that the peel be performed before the laser treatment, and never the reverse. The strength of peel utilized and the type of cosmetic laser used should be determined by the customer’s individual skin type and problem area. A popular package includes a complimentary TCA chemical peel along with CO2 resurfacing laser treatment.


For clients looking to improve melasma, other forms of skin discoloration, and faster tattoo removal results, consider offering a microdermabrasion treatment. Combining therapies can speed up the laser tattoo removal process. Plus, because microdermabrasion stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, it can yield more drastic results when used with anti-aging treatments.

Dermabrasion is a non-invasive, exfoliation technique which helps eliminate dead cells from the surface of skin. This increases the effectiveness of laser treatments working to break up dark pigmentation. In the weeks following the laser therapy, the body naturally clears away the destroyed pigment resulting in clearer skin.

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