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Ryan Koenig

The end of the summer is around the corner and getting ahead of tasks on hand is more important than ever, it’s time to consider scheduling your Aesthetic Laser Rental Days. Are you interested in offering Aesthetic Laser Treatments at your practice or spa? Do you have the concern for whether or not your patient population can support an investment into laser therapy technology? Are you concerned about the high costs and short usage life of many of the current aesthetic systems that are on the market?

You don’t have to be.

Renting an Aesthetic Laser System is the perfect way to incorporate laser treatments into your list of offered services. This is an opportunity to test out various kinds of laser technology to see which is going to be a successful fit for your practice. This is all the excitement of having access to laser technology treatment without the large investment into the equipment, along with the maintenance that comes with it. Or, if you choose, you can partner with us and we will make the initial investment into you. We can partner with you and offer the equipment of your choosing a few times a month, and in addition we will add the convenience of on-site support and training. This is access to top of the line equipment valued at millions of dollars, for a fraction of the cost, but all of the convenience. Some of the top benefits of renting include:

  • No upfront investment- We purchase the latest technology and we provide it to you to see whether it will be a good fit.
  • No long-term commitments- You success contributes to our own, never get stuck with an obsolete system.
  • No maintenance worries or costs- We will keep the equipment working as efficient as the day you originally acquire it.
  • On-site training and support- We handle all the small details, that includes: delivery, set-up, and education.
  • Millions of dollars of technology at your fingertips- It’s a system of the right machine, for the right practice. Our rental agreements grant the ideal compromise to find your perfect fit.

Contact us today and together we can give your practice the perfect head start.

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