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The equipment you maintain in your medical spa makes all the difference when aiming to attract the right clientele. Here are some pro tips on finding the right aesthetic laser and doing business with a distributor who will provide the best experience. 

How to Choose a Laser Distributor in 7 Steps 

Selecting laser equipment is a decision that should be carefully considered. Checking into your distributor’s reputation is as important as choosing which laser is best for you. Take into account the type of customers you currently serve and the interests of those you would like to attract in the future. Of course, your budget and the available payment options are also going to be important deciding factors. 

1. Focus on Your Clientele. 

You may see any multiple cosmetic laser devices that appeal to you, and starting a spa can be exciting. But before you purchase from any distributor, you should have an idea of your market. For instance, younger clients may be more interested in laser hair removal, facial treatments, and acne solutions. Whereas an older demographic may be seeking solutions for skin pigmentationaging, and body sculpting. 

The skin type of your average client is also a HUGE consideration. Are you in California marketing to a tanning culture? Or do your clients tend to have fairer skin? Are you working with African-American, Asian and Latina skin types? Or are you looking for systems that can do it all!? It’s vital to select the equipment that will focus on the needs of the clientele for a successful laser treatment facility. 

2. Set the Budget. 

After you’ve determined your client type, the next step is to examine your budget. Whether you are navigating your search on your own or talking to distributors, understanding how much money you have to spend will quickly move the process forward. 

Be sure to keep in mind not only the initial investment, but also what it will cost to operate the equipment. Are there disposable costs that will require ongoing purchases? This will have a strong impact on the price point. 

Additionally, look up the average maintenance and repair costs for the laser you plan to purchase. Make sure that you budget for these future expenses in order to minimize downtime in case of an equipment failure. All of these expenses should be considered when creating your budget, not just the initial payments for the laser equipment. 

3. Consider the Cosmetic Laser Purchasing and Payment Options from the Distributor. 

Youmedspa may not be able to purchase the laser that you want outright or you may not want to deplete the entire investment fund with a single purchase. Fortunately, there are some great financing options for medspa owners. 

Financing for Aesthetic Lasers 

You may qualify for a personal loan or business credit to finance your laser from a bank, or take out a small business loan to buy the equipment you need. Equipment financing agreements can be used to cover the cost of equipment, shipping, taxes, warranties, then you just make regular payments for the set term. 

Leasing Aesthetic Lasers 

Leasing and leasingtoown are great financing options. A ‘fair market lease’ will enable your medspa to write of lease payments as operating expenses. Then, at the end of the lease term, your business will own the equipment, usually with a small buyout payment. 

Renting Aesthetic Lasers 

If you want to test the waters to ensure that lasers are the right fit for your business, then renting may be the way to go. Training is often included making rentals a perfect option for medspa that is new or in the process of expanding.  

Though renting tends to be more expensive then leasing / financing in the long-term, there is no commitment. Medspas can rent the equipment needed or that they’re interested in trying and, if it doesn’t work, they aren’t financially responsible for ongoing payments. This option is also attractive because your company is not responsible for any of the maintenance costs associated with owning a laser.  

Deferred Payments for Aesthetic Lasers 

Some laser equipment suppliers offer deferred payment plans. This will give your medspa time – 90 or 180 days – to increase revenues, with the help of the new equipment and related treatment offering, before payments come due. 

4. Review the Warranty Policy on the Equipment. 

Inquire if the distributors you are considering if they provide any guarantee or warranty coverage for services, repairs, and replacement parts.  

5. Ask about Maintenance Plans. 

First, if you are considering a pre-owned laser device, confirm that it has been serviced prior to sale by knowledgeable technicians.  

As stated before, maintenance and repairs on cosmetic lasers are an ongoing cost that must be considered. So, you’ll also want to get informed about the maintenance plan options for the new and used equipment that you plan to purchase, lease, or rent. 

6. Get Informed about Certification Requirements for Laser Operators. 

Depending where youmedspa is located, you may need special licensing before you’ll be allowed to take on clients. Your distributor should be able to help you determine the laser that is right for your particular medical spa. The type of laser that you purchase should match the skill set of your operators as well as the needs of your clients. 

Many facilities make the mistake of not fully learning about their system before operating, which results in costly mistakes. Some lasers are much easier to use than others. However, the most difficult lasers usually have the widest variety of potential utility. This is why it’s important to educate yourself and your staff before making any big purchases. 

 Do not be afraid to ask as many questions as you need until you figure out exactly how to align these important aspects of your business. 

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7. Decide Where to Purchase a Laser for Your Medspa. 

Check out the full inventory of cutting-edge aesthetic laser equipment appropriate for a cosmetic practice of any scale available through Laser Service Solutions! See our affordable equipment options and selection of laser systems available for rent and pre-owned equipment available for purchase. 

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