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Owning an aesthetic laser system is a hefty investment. If you want to be recognized by offering high-level services and keeping patients satisfied, you need your aesthetic laser to be in perfect shape. That’s why there’s nothing worse than beginning your day with a full waiting room of patients and an aesthetic laser with an error code showing!

Maintaining your equipment will not only keep your system safe and secure, it’ll save you money by avoiding damage and downtime to your laser, ensuring effective treatments for your customers. Remember: owning and operating an aesthetic laser system is a great responsibility. Maintaining it is critical to you, your clients, and your business.

Aesthetic Laser Maintenance Tips

To ensure your laser equipment functions properly for as long as possible, there are some things you can do regularly. Although you can’t stop your equipment from failing over time, a little bit of maintenance can definitely help you to extend the lifespan of your laser equipment.

1. Keep It Clean

Cleanliness goes a long way toward your machine’s performance and reduces the potential for damage by dust and debris and interrupted airflow. Start by dusting the vents with a vacuum.

2. Daily Cooling System Check

The cooling system also requires daily checks before you operate the laser to prevent overheating. Before using the laser equipment, check the cooling system levels. Ensure you use deionized water and if required, a coolant additive. The coolant system cools the laser cavity and in some cases the power supply and handpieces. If you fail to check the water cavity, it could result in your system overheating.

3. Dust Filters

You should regularly clean out the filters and dust and vacuum the vents on the side panels and fans. Dust is the number one reason for electrical and optical failures. Debris and dust prevents your aesthetic laser from properly cooling which can lead to potential component and electrical damage.

Dusting the rooms where you use the laser will also prevent the filter and vents from attracting and collecting debris in the future.

4. Don’t Overfill Laser Equipment

Ensure that you’re using distilled or deionized water as recommended by the manufacturer. If your laser requires an additional coolant, you may need to add that as well. However, it’s important not to overfill the tank. Don’t add too much coolant and overfill your laser. This can lead to water leaking out of the reservoir and getting too close to and damaging vital electronics.

5. Empty the Water Tank

Remember to empty the water container of your laser device every week, and vacuum the rear filter each time for cleanliness. DO NOT fill the chiller with water of any kind! Similarly, you’ll want to clean your water tanks per manufacturer guidelines to prevent water flow issues that can result from mineral buildup.

6. Check Flashlamp Pulses

Track the flashlamp pulses for every wavelength. It’s recommended that you replace lamps after 500,000 pulses. Buy new flashlamps when necessary.

7. Verify Voltage

Verify that the voltage tab in the laser system coordinates with the voltage in the wall. Although a laser system typically runs on 220v, most facilities vary and the voltage in the wall can be as low as 200v or as high as 250v.

8. Keep Smartcool Chiller at a Distance

Keep Smartcool chiller at least 12 inches from the laser system. The Smartcool chiller blows hot air down and the Cynosure Elite pulls its cooling air from underneath. This will help your laser run cooler and emit less heat.

9. Keep Your Treatment Room Cool

Keep your treatment room temperature as low as possible. The laser system and corresponding chiller are air-cooled. If room temperatures exceed 75-80 degrees, overheating errors may occur.

10. Do Not Ignore Messages for Full Calibration

If your laser asks for a full calibration after an attempt in the cal port to verify energy output, this could be a sign that something internally or in the delivery system has been affected since the last calibration. Contact a professional to help troubleshoot the issue.

A Few Final Tips

A few final tips can help prolong the life of your laser handpiece and potentially save you money as well.

  • Stop using the device immediately if you notice smoking or popping from the device, which indicates a power supply failure.
  • Avoid jostling the components of your laser but moving it only across even ground.
  • Do not aim the handpiece of the laser at the device itself.
  • Know who to call if your cosmetic laser becomes damaged or fails to work correctly.

What to Know About Professional Maintenance Services

If you stay on top of these 10 tasks, you can help to extend the lifespan of your laser equipment. However, it’s also important to treat your laser to proper preventative maintenance service visits from a team of professionals. This helps ensure a high-level of precision which will yield amazing results for your patients.

How Often Should an Aesthetic Laser Be Professionally Serviced?

Most laser manufacturers recommend routine servicing twice a year. Why? Because having “checkups” every six months helps ensure your laser is operating properly so you can continue to deliver the best results possible. Plus, having your laser serviced every six months ensures small problems will be caught early, when correction is typically simpler and less costly.

Having lasers serviced every six months offers another benefit: convenience. By having your laser maintained routinely, it’s easy to anticipate servicing events so you can schedule around them.

What to Know About Preventative Maintenance for Your Aesthetic Laser

At Laser Service Solutions, our highly-trained technicians can help you determine if your laser system has any special maintenance requirements outside the scope of our preventive maintenance and full-service plans so you can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your unit is being kept in top shape at all times. To learn more about our service plan options and how we can help you maintain your system and your own reputation for excellence, view our preventative maintenance plans here.

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Protecting Your Investment Requires Continued Attention

Lasers last longer when they’re better cared for, and caring for a laser means regular servicing to ensure all the parts are working properly and the unit remains properly calibrated. That means not only does your practice reap the benefits of word-of-mouth advertising from satisfied patients, but you also cut down on equipment costs by ensuring your unit lasts as long as possible.

Let’s face it: today’s precision-driven aesthetic lasers aren’t cheap. Making sure your laser is properly maintained is the best way to protect your investment and ensure the laser operates at peak performance for years to come.

If you ever need to replace your system, we also offer new or used aesthetic laser equipment for sale. At Laser Service Solutions, we have dedicated professionals that will service your laser equipment as needed. To learn more about our service plan options and how we can help you maintain your system and your own reputation for excellence, call Laser Service Solutions today at (856) 853-7555, use our online contact form or email us directly at info@laserservicesolutions.com.

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