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Laser hand pieces require the proper care to prevent avoidable issues, allowing your aesthetic and medical laser equipment to stay functional and dependable. Although handpieces vary a lot from one type of laser device to another, keeping the handpiece clean is the most important tip for maintenance.

Top 6 Tips for Great Aesthetic Laser Handpiece Care

1. Inspect Aethetic Laser Handpieces

Check the handpiece windows on a daily basis and clean or change if needed. Look for cracks in the housing from being dropped, unexpected rattling, or cords that might be frayed or detaching from the device. Also, check for spots on the laser handpiece optics.

2. Clean Handpiece Windows and Light Guides

Dirty windows & light guide crystals can cause interior damage, so they need to be cleaned after every use. Using sterile alcohol, you should clean windows between patients to ensure the windows last longer.

The handpiece optics must remain clean for optimal performance. If you’re unsure how to clean the handpiece itself, a technician can walk you through the best process for your model.

3. Replace Handpiece Windows Regularly

Replace windows when necessary; they should be changed every week at a minimum. This is vital to maintaining your laser since damaged optics can result in costly failures such as blown fibers!

4. Make a Maintenance Checklist

One of the easiest ways to keep staff compliant with this is to post a checklist that includes the steps for thorough inspection and cleaning. Create a checklist for each operator who uses the laser to ensure they follow all cleaning, usage, and inspection protocols. This checklist can prolong the life of your laser handpiece and potentially save you money as well.

5. Train Staff to Handle Laser Equipment Properly

To ensure that your laser handpiece is properly maintained, every operator must be familiar with the machine and know how to check for and troubleshoot problems. This is why operator training and continual learning opportunities are key. Train new operators on how to use the aesthetic laser according to the manual. Periodically re-train operators to highlight proper usage and safety. Provide training whenever a new laser handpiece will be used in your dermatology practice or at your medspa.

6. Use Handpieces Carefully

Use the handpiece carefully to prevent dropping, which can cause damage to the shell or LCD screen or internal flash lamps, crystals, or lenses. Be sure to properly re-arm the handpiece. If it’s not securely in place, it could fall and break, while forcing it into place could also damage the device.

Aesthetic Lasers Require Professional Maintenance

Annual maintenance goes beyond the inspection and maintenance that you can do for your laser handpiece. Experienced technicians know precisely what to look for, which enables them to identify problems before they arise. Eventually, you’ll need a technician to replace the guides or alignment that can shift with use over time. If you know when you need aesthetic laser repair, you can plan around it rather than scrambling when your device appears to have broken or stopped working suddenly.

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Of course, accidents happen, and machines have their limits. Laser Service Solutions is happy to help if you need a technician to provide laser equipment maintenance or are in the market for a new device. Call us today for more information.

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