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Handpiece slowing you down?

LSS Specializes in Handpiece Repair

Is your Laser Handpiece no longer as powerful as it once was? Not getting through long treatments? Do you have damaged mirrors and lenses? Leaking water on your patients? Umbilical needs replacing? Laser Service Solutions provides in-house repair for all brands of Laser Handpieces!

Simply ship your handpiece to LSS with a business card & a note detailing your concerns for a free quote! *We will NEVER repair anything without your approval.* ALL HANDPIECES SHIPPED DURING COLD MONTHS MUST BE DRAINED OF WATER PRIOR TO SHIPPING. FREEZING IN TRANSIT WILL CAUSE EXTENSIVE DAMAGE! 

  • Candela Handpiece Repair
  • Cynosure Handpiece Repair
  • Cutera Handpiece Repair
  • Alma Harmony Handpiece Repair
  • HOYA ConBio Dye Handpiece (Yellow and Red) Repair


      Handpiece Repair 

      Alma Handpiece Repair

      Full Handpiece Refurbishment

      Like a spa treatment for your Handpiece. Sometimes we forget our equipment works just as hard as us, let LSS make your handpiece like new!

      • New Flashlamp
      • Reflector Replacement
      • New Lightguide (if needed)
      • Restoration of output power
      • Handpiece Shell (if needed)

       Contact us today to discuss a refurb or repair!