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Alma Laser Handpiece Repair & Refurbishing Services

Handpiece out of pulses? We specialize in Alma Handpiece repair and can make your handpiece as good as new for a fraction of the cost it would take to replace it! The following is included in the standard refurbishment services:

  • New Flashlamp
  • New Reflector
  • Reset Pulse Count
  • Calibrate Output Power
  • New Lightguide (included only if needed)
  • Handpiece Shell (additional fee if needed)

Common Error Codes

Alma Harmony & Harmony XL Handpieces
Error MessageModel(s)Meaning
“Simmer ST Fault”Alma Harmony, Alma XLBad Lamp
“Out of Pulses”Alma Harmony, Alma XLNeeds Refurbishment
“!” on the screenAlma Harmony, Alma XLAlmost out of pulses, will need Refurbishment soon

Alma Laser Handpiece Models

Laser Service Solutions can carry out repair and restoration services for the following types of Alma handpieces.

Alma Harmony AFT HR Handpiece

Alma Harmony AFT VP Handpiece

Alma Harmony AFT ST Handpiece

Alma Harmony AFT SR Handpiece.

Alma Harmony XL ST AFT Handpiece

Alma Harmony XL 570 AFT Handpiece

Alma Harmony XL 515 AFT Handpiece

Alma Harmony XL 650 AFT Handpiece

Alma Harmony XL 540 AFT Handpiece

Alma Harmony XL SHR AFT Handpiece

Alma QS Yag

Alma LP Yag

Alma Pixel and Pixel XL

Alma Clearlift

Is there a Warranty on Handpiece Repairs?

For Alma handpiece refurbishment, the warranty lasts 30,000 pulses or one year, whatever comes first. All other Alma handpiece repairs comes with a 30-day parts & manufacturer defects warranty.

How Much Does Refurbishment Cost?

The price for general refurbishing services for Alma Harmony and Alma Harmony XL handpieces ranges from $1,450 – $1,650.

All other repairs on the handpiece, depends on parts needed. For more specific pricing and repair costs, you will need to request a quote by calling or filling out this form and sending in the handpiece to be inspected.

How Does Handpiece Repair & Refurbishment Work?

1. Ship* the laser handpiece to LSS with a description of the problem and contact info.

2. We will provide a free estimate for repairs

3. Once you have approved the quote, we restore the handpiece and ship it back typically within 48 hours.

*All handpieces shipped during cold months must be drained of water prior to shipping as freezing during transit will cause extensive damage. Find more information and how-to videos here.

Request Repairs Online

Fill out the form, describe any errors or issues related to the equipment. Ship your handpiece to LSS and include the confirmation number on the package for a free estimate.

Get More Information

To discuss repair options for a particular handpiece model or request pricing, call LSS

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