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In recent years a variety of non-surgical cosmetic treatments have rapidly gained in popularity, leading to an increase in the demand for medical lasers needed to perform these procedures. This increase in the desire for minimally invasive treatments has led physicians, dermatologists, and other medical professionals to expand their practices and invest in different types of lasers. Selecting a medical laser, however, can be a complicated and overwhelming process. Before making a major investment in a laser, a practice should carefully research all the options available. The following are several important aspects of medical lasers to consider before purchasing one.

Determine What Procedures and Treatments Will Be Offered

The first step is to plan exactly how the laser will contribute to the business before making the investment. Start by focusing on current patients and client demographics. Younger clientele may be more interested in procedures such as hair, scar, or tattoo removal while more mature clients are more likely to be looking for wrinkle reduction, photofacial rejuvenation, and eliminating spider veins. Even within certain areas such as wrinkle reduction, there are specific sub-categories that can become the primary focus of a practice. When deciding upon the procedures and treatments that will be offered the practice should decide if they will cater to current clients or expand and market to bring in new patients.

Decide What Type of Medical Laser is Best Suited for the Practice

After deciding what types of procedures the practice will offer and the clientele to market to, it is time to begin the process of researching different lasers. There are several types of lasers available for a variety of cosmetic and medical procedures. A few of the different kinds of lasers medical professionals are using include, IPL (intensed pulsed light), diode lasers, long pulsed yag lasers, and pulsed dye laser systems. Some of the well-known cosmetic laser brands include Alma, Cynosure, Syneron-Candela. Each of these brands provides several different types of lasers that can be used for a variety of purposes. There are many lasers that can be used for more than one procedure. Some lasers can be used differently by just changing the various handpieces and / or parameters of the laser.

Plan What the Budget Will be Before Seriously Considering a Purchase

Setting a budget, even if it’s a round-about figure, is essential before shopping for a medical laser. It should also be decided whether actually purchasing a medical laser or renting one is the best option. Renting a medical laser may be a good option for a practice with a limited amount of finances. It’s also a good choice if the practice isn’t sure what type of laser they need or if they’ll be able to attract enough business for a specific procedure. Leasing / financing is another way to pay for equipment but this will usually require a fairly high credit score. Paying cash provides a way for a business to avoid interest fees and is a much simpler process than obtaining loans, leasing, or renting. It does, however, require a lot of up front capital and may limit liquidity.

Know What Kind of Training is Necessary for the Laser Being Considered

To use any type of medical laser correctly it will almost certainly be necessary to receive training. There are risks involved when using lasers. Potential risks can include scarring, infection, and skin color changes. This means getting the necessary training is critical to the potential success of incorporating a new laser into the current practice. What kind and how extensive training will need to be should be taken into consideration before selecting any type of medical laser. In the United States laws and regulations regarding laser use vary from state to state. Before purchasing a medical laser it will be necessary to research the guidelines in the state where the laser will be used.

Find and Research a Reputable Company That Sells Quality Medical Lasers

Once a practice has decided to invest in a medical laser it is time to start researching companies. There are several questions that should be asked when selecting a company. Is the company a trusted leader in the field of cosmetic lasers? Have they provided several years of experience and expertise? After determining the company’s reputation as an experienced laser provider it is time to research specifics regarding products and service. Does the company not only sell or rent medical lasers but do they provide repair services? Do they also offer parts and accessories for the lasers they sell? Is there a broad selection of lasers and parts to choose from? These questions are important because buying or renting the laser is only the beginning. Quality maintenance and repair are necessary to maintain the laser and keep costs down. Keeping the laser in top condition for several years is crucial. Medical professionals looking for a cosmetic laser should contact Laser Service Solutions for all their medical laser needs. Laser Service Solutions offers several name brand new and used lasers as well as laser accessories and parts. We carry brands such as Alma, Candela, and Hoya ConBio. Laser Service Solutions also provides excellent service options such as preventative maintenance plans and full service contracts. Contact Laser Service Solutions for more information regarding cosmetic lasers and services by calling 856-853-7555

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