Laser Equipment that Delivers Results for Darker Skin Tones
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It is a common misconception that people of color are unsuitable candidates for aesthetic laser procedures. When medical laser procedures were first developed for cosmetic use, the technology limited laser treatments for hair removal and skin resurfacing to select candidates with lighter skin tones. Laser technology has come a long way in the last three decades, and now individuals with almost any Fitzpatrick skin type can be matched with a laser procedure that will work safely and effectively for them. Ensuring your practice offers the most inclusive treatment options is as simple as purchasing the right aesthetic laser equipment.

Fitzpatrick Skin Type Classification Chart
Source: The National Center for Biotechnology Information

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Are Laser Treatments Safe for People with Dark Skin?

Yes. Individuals with any skin type can safely undergo most aesthetic laser procedures with the proper device. Dr. Melanie D. Palm, medical director of Art of Skin MD, explains, “Currently, we can use [specific lasers] on darker skin types with more conservative laser settings and skin cooling before, after and during treatment to successfully treat skin of color,” according to Dr. Palm.

Modern aesthetic lasers are significantly more effective on dark skin tones compared to previously standard technology. The first lasers were not made with melanin in mind, restricting safe treatments to only patients with fair skin and dark hair follicles. These original devices worked by detecting the contrast between hair follicles and skin pigment. The darker a person’s skin tone, the more melanin their skin contains.

Higher levels of melanin come with an increased risk of complications such as burns, scaring, unnatural discoloration, and other types of permanent damage. Again, aesthetic laser treatments are safe on all skin tones as long as the correct device is used by a trained professional.

Why Do Aesthetic Lasers Work Differently on Different Skin Tones?

Different laser systems interact with skin tone types in varying ways. Aesthetic lasers operate by using light at specific wavelengths to achieve a variety of restorative effects. The energy these lasers emit interacts with substances in the skin, like melanin, differently depending on the wavelength the laser is set to. Some aesthetic lasers produce wavelengths targeting melanin, while others are meant to avoid it.

Chart identifying the relationship between Aesthetic Laser Wavelength v. Melanin Interaction

The rate and intensity of the laser used is determined by each procedure and the condition undergoing treatment. Some treatments require specific lasers and settings, while other aesthetic laser decides are capable of performing multiple types of procedures. It is crucial; for any aesthetic laser operator to know which laser device and treatments are appropriate for each individual patient.

Watch the Nd:YAG 1064nm Tackle Hair Removal in Slow Motion

Which Laser Equipment is Most Effective on Darker Skin Types?

Nonablative fractional lasers are the safest aesthetic laser system for treating dark skin types. This specific type of laser operates between 1320 and 1927 nm, a range that will not interact with the high concentration of melanin present in dark toned skin types.

Following a thorough review of case studies and data, The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology published a report and declared, “fractional nonablative lasers are a safe and effective treatment option for acne scars in skin type IV to VI.”

The authoritative validation of nonablative fractional laser use for patients of color is a significant step, as the industry continues to increase treatment options. Practices and Med Spas looking to expand their offerings have a wide range of choices available.

A separate study conducted with Indian patients published in the Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery found the long-pulsed 1064 nm Nd:YAG Laser a proven solution for hair removal in patients of color. This is a popular device commonly available both new and pre-owned. A 1064 nm aesthetic laser is a great addition to any cosmetic practice. Adjustable in duration and intensity, 1064nm devices are useful for hair removal, treatment of pigment disorders, and tattoo removal.

Affordable, Pre-Owned 1064 nm Nd:YAG Aesthetic Laser Systems

Ensuring your practice offers the most inclusive treatment options is as simple as purchasing the right aesthetic laser equipment. Patients of color are at different risks of complication from laser treatments due to higher concentrations of melanin in the skin. It is essential for any provider to know what aesthetic laser device to use and the settings to use it for each and every patient who walks through your door. Adding a 1064 nm Nd:YAG aesthetic laser system to your practice is an affordable and proven solution to expand your treatment offerings.

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