Fuller Lips without Needles: Lasers Make it Possible
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The phrase “getting your lips done” most often brings to mind injectables, tissue grafts or maybe even expensive implants. Whether patients are looking to repair signs of aging or more closely mimic the features of a favored celerity, Cosmetic lip procedures are steadily on the rise.

Over 30,000+ surgical lip treatments were completed in 2018, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. While some types of lip enhancements can only be done surgically, more and more patients are turning to the significantly less invasive alternative; aesthetic laser rejuvenation.

Aesthetic lasers are quickly becoming the industry standard for lip augmentation procedures. Patients of all demographics now have the option to enhance the color and size of their lips while avoiding needles, toxic fillers and lengthy periods of discomfort during recovery.

What are the most common causes of lip damage?

Lips age more rapidly because lip skin is thinner than skin on the rest of the body. Skin on the lips have less of a protective outer layer, which is why lips are more prone to damage. Short term damage like chapped lips are easily solvable, while stains and sun damage require a more aggressive form of treatment.

Aesthetic lasers can help not only increase the size of lips, but also help to lighten dark lips as a result of long-term damage. The biggest contributors to long term lip damage are:

  1. genetic conditions/diseases
  2. long term-smoking
  3. prolonged over-use of lipstick/ overconsumption of coffee
  4. sun damage

What is the best method of lip augmentation?

Aesthetic lasers can provide patients with similar results to traditional augmentation methods with less pain and recovery time. Compared to alternatives like injectable fillers, grafting, and surgical implants, aesthetic laser lip treatments have been proven to improve both lip texture and size with less discomfort and downtime following the procedure.

Injectable lip fillers are gel-like products injected to replace lost volume. The most common lip fillers are Hyaluronic Acids similar to hyaluronan, a soft, naturally-occurring substance called found between cells. Lip fillers are a temporary solution, lasting approximately six to eight months. These injections also come with significant risks, and as such are considered medical procedures; prohibiting med spas in certain states from adding these specific treatments.

Grafting is the surgical process of transferring fat or other issue from part of the body into the lips. Medically speaking, grafting is the most complex and expensive type of lip augmentation. Synthetic implants can be used surgically and are slightly less expensive compared to grafting. Any type of surgical lip augmentation takes a few weeks to fully recover from, but typically last at least five years, often longer. Any type of implant or grafting procedure is strictly limited to medical professionals.

Aesthetic lasers treatments of the lip can substantially plump, improve color and texture, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles surrounding the lips. The treatment itself may cause patients minor discomfort, but the entire process only takes a few minutes. Improvements from aesthetic laser lip treatments develop over a number of weeks, while most side effects only persist for a matter of hours after the treatment. Once completed, the results of laser augmentation typically last three to six months, but can be prolonged with regular maintenance follow-ups.

How are aesthetic lasers used for lip treatments?

Aesthetic laser treatments stimulate natural collagen production, making your body plump your lips on its own, unlike conventional menthids of lip augmentation which rely on synthetic fillers and plastic surgery.

The laser uses high energy pulses of light to create heat within the dermal tissue, which restarts/encourages collagenesis. A recent study found the Nd:YAG 1064nm aesthetic laser system is the best option for practices and Med Spas looking to add aesthetic lip rejuvenation to their service offerings.

The study’s conclusion reads, “Lip rejuvenation and plumping using an Nd:YAG 1064nm laser with a 650-microsecond pulse duration can provide significant improvement without the use of needles and with a high degree of patient satisfaction, minimal discomfort, no adverse effects and strong interest in ongoing treatments among those treated.”

Expert Elizabeth Manessis, who completed this study, explains her process in the video below:

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