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Your medical practice is a business like any other, and that means you need to differentiate yourself by anticipating your patients’ future needs and offering unique products and services that competing medical practices don’t provide. CO2RE Intima laser treatments may be exactly the edge you need. The Intima laser can be used to treat menopausal symptoms and to improve sexual satisfaction or create a more youthful appearance for a woman’s vagina.

What is the CO2RE Intima Laser?

The CO2RE Intima Laser is an FDA approved medical laser. During the Intima treatment, the medical professional uses a small wand inserted into a woman’s vagina to deliver controlled CO2 energy to the vulvar and vaginal tissues. This stimulates the tissue to produce more collagen, which improves skin tone, texture and appearance.

With the CO2RE Intima laser, there is no cutting or bleeding, so most women require little or no recovery time. The procedure is done in the office, without anesthesia, and most women require no pain meds. In fact, many women report that the procedure feels like a mild warming sensation. The process takes about 15 minutes. Patients typically undergo three to four treatments, spaced three to four weeks apart.

In clinical trials, almost 100 percent of women have reported high satisfaction with the results of the procedure, and most would recommend the procedure to friends and family members. Many women report immediate improvements after a single treatment, and the results continue to improve with the additional recommended sessions. Patients should also undergo an annual maintenance treatment.

What Conditions Can the CO2RE Intima Laser Treat?

The CO2RE Intima laser can treat a variety of conditions resulting from childbearing or aging. It restores flexibility and shape to labial and vulvar tissues. It helps reverse the stretching and loss of tone in the vaginal wall and vaginal canal (introitus), and it can also be used to treat discoloration and pigmentation of the external tissues, resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. In addition, the CO2RE Intima Laser can be used to treat urinary incontinence issues.

If you’re interested in growing your gynecology practice, adding the CO2RE Intima Laser may be the next best thing for you. Here are our six recommended steps to grow your practice using this technology:

Step 1. Use the CO2RE Intima Name and Brand in Your Marketing

Be sure to use the name of the CO2RE Intima laser in all your marketing collateral and on your website. This helps saturate your practice with the “brand halo” generated by association with one of the top laser treatment options. Cite or link to some of the research focused on the CO2RE Intima laser, so patients know why you chose it. Associating your practice with the top gynecological laser equipment and treatments is much more effective than simply listing “laser treatments.” It helps patients recognize that you care enough to research and offer the latest and best treatments.

Using the name of the CO2RE Intima laser enables you to link to the manufacturers website, which has an abundance of information and advice for women wondering about the treatment. Using the product name also allows you to link to specific research studies or links with customer testimonials or clinical trial outcomes. This shows your commitment to quality and patient comfort, because you take the time to provide in-depth information relating to the specific laser and treatments you provide.

To help make this process easier, Laser Service Solutions offers patient-focused brochures and videos that you can use in your office or on your website to help educate and inform your patients.

Step 2. Test Before You Invest

The best marketing in the world won’t grow your practice if your laser doesn’t live up to its promises. That’s why you want to be certain that you rent your CO2RE Intima Laser from a reliable supplier with the knowledge and expertise to ensure its operating properly and to service it quickly if there’s a problem.

Renting makes offering the CO2RE Intima a breeze for both the practice and patient! You have the ability to get comfortable with your new equipment without the responsibility of a large purchase investment. The laser will also only be at your facility on the dates you’ve scheduled CO2RE Intima treatments, keeping your office clear of bulky equipment when not in use. Renting also allows the option of training for your staff and maintenance of the system, which keep your costs lower!

Step 3. Know Your Target Demographic

If your current practice is primarily devoted to obstetrics and care for women of child-bearing age, you may want to slant your marketing efforts toward this groups specific concerns. In this case, highlight the CO2RE Intima Laser’s ability to tighten and restore tone to stretched vaginal tissues, or to improve appearance and discoloration.

If your gynecology practice treats menopausal and peri-menopausal women as well as women during their child-bearing years, you should include information on vaginal rejuvenation, elimination of dryness, restoration of sexual desire or relief from incontinence. You may want to have a separate handout or landing page on your website for each of these conditions, since the target demographic may be different.

Step 4. Consistency is the Key to Mindshare

Regardless of how you choose to present the benefits of the CO2RE Intima laser, make sure you keep your branding and messaging clear and consistent. Colors, your logo—even the fonts you choose—should be consistent across your website and other marketing collateral, so patients learn to associate your practice with your branding elements. This is another reason to always use the name of your laser— CO2RE Intima Laser—because it will help prospective patients remember your practice when they look for an experienced practitioner.

Step 5. Getting the Word Out: Make It Personal and Keep It Fresh

People enjoy hearing stories, so pepper your website with quotes from patients. These quotes should reinforce the differentiation and brand image you are trying to promote. For instance, if you want to promote the caring attitude of your team, you might include a quote from a patient saying how the team took the time to listen to her concerns and held her hand during the procedure. Mix these quotes up with others that proclaim how happy the patient is with the results of her CO2RE Intima Laser procedure.

Try to keep your website fresh by adding additional content every week or two. This can be anonymous patient case studies, discussions of new research, news articles about CO2RE Intima Laser treatments or advice on lifestyle changes. The specific content is less important than that it be fresh, engaging and of interest to your target demographic.

Step 6. Be Patient

It takes time to build a practice. Potential patients will find your content on your website and they will learn about the benefits of the CO2RE Intima Laser treatment. After the first few happy patients, you will find that word of mouth will bring an increasing number of patients to your practice with each passing week.

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Laser Service Solutions Should be Your CO2RE Laser Provider of Choice

Laser Service Solutions is your complete laser provider. We offer new and used sales and leases of the latest equipment, including the CO2RE Intima laser. We have a team of experienced laser technicians who provide service and repairs and a well-stocked inventory of spare and replacement parts to ensure your laser stays up and running.

We strive to provide affordable access to the latest technology, technical repair services, and custom manufactured laser parts to physicians across the country. To learn more about how we can help you grow your gynecology practice, call us at (856) 853-7555 or email us directly at info@laserservicesolutions.com.

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