10 Steps for Med Spas to Use Social Media Marketing Better
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How to Promote Laser Procedures for Med Spa Clientele

Social media is the best way to connect with clients and patients available today. It is low in cost, has a broad reach and can be highly effective. However, social media is such a rapidly evolving field that it can be hard to get your arms around the best way to use it or which platforms will work for you and your business. Here are some tips to help you begin using social media to attract new prospects for your laser procedures.

1. Start with a Strategy

Your first step should be to develop a strategy and metrics for your social media plan. Decide how you want to position your med spa. Ask yourself these questions:

Do I want to be seen as cutting edge—a more clinical feel? The place to go for the very latest in laser procedures? Or do I want to be seen as a friendly and tranquil place?

Your decision may affect the tone and content of your social media posts. For example, if you decide to on the cutting-edge strategy, your posts might be highly technical with a focus on the specifications and details of your laser. If your choice is to be a comfortable place for a group of friends to gather, you may want to avoid the technical details and jargon while emphasizing the speed and results of the laser services you offer.

2. Establish a Consistent Cadence

People often fail to establish a posting frequency when starting to develop a social media presence. This can be a large part of the reason why your social media efforts fall flat and you have trouble collecting and retaining followers. People expect you to post on a regular basis, and they look forward to seeing your posts.

Each social media platform has a different optimum posting frequency. For example, once a month or every two weeks on a professionally oriented site such as LinkedIn might be fine; Twitter followers expect to hear from you daily or even several times a day.

3. Find the Right Platforms

It’s a fact of social media that different platforms attract different demographics, but people frequently use multiple platforms depending on their objective and mood. That can make choosing the right platform complex, but there are some painless ways to start your search.

LinkedIn, for example, has primarily a professional demographic, so if your target is professionals, it’s a good place to start.

  • Facebook has more middle-aged and Boomer users than Millennials.
  • Pinterest users are primarily women.
  • TikTok allows users can create and share video clips where med spa procedures and before/after videos are gaining popularity.
  • YouTube is another platform that draws well across multiple demographics, and many users—especially among Gen-X and Millennials–prefer video.

4. Use the Right Format for Each Platform

Different platforms require different content formats.

  • LinkedIn is a great platform for long-form content, meaning posts in the 800 to 1500-word range. You can create a LinkedIn group for your clientele or for people looking for information about specific laser treatments.
  • Pinterest is for pictures, so it might be a good place for before and after photos—with the clients’ permission.
  • Facebook works well for shorter content and pictures—so it’s great for quick posts, sale announcements and pictures of your spa facilities.
  • YouTube and TikTok are a great platforms for your medical professionals to explain how they use lasers in your med spa, or to compare the results of alternative procedures. You can also use video to show off the features of your med spa and to introduce your team.

5. Measure Results

Even with this general guidance, you should always test the results you get from any social media efforts. Don’t be afraid to experiment. It’s inexpensive to try out different platforms or varying headlines, hashtags or content lengths and types. Of course, it takes time to build followers on any platform, so don’t get discouraged too quickly if you don’t attract as many followers as you’d like right away. It’s far more effective to have a small number of highly engaged followers than thousands who don’t actually interact with your content or brand.

6. Respond Quickly

With social media, even a few hours can feel like a long time. Be prepared to respond to questions or reviews quickly. A quick but thoughtful answer or a simple “thank you” helps to build brand loyalty.

Don’t shy away from responding to bad reviews or unhappy comments. Respond quickly, courteously and professionally. Apologize and ask what you could have done differently. You may turn that unhappy client around, but even if you don’t, your other clients will see that you care.

It’s considered good form to follow your followers, so make sure you do. Repost their posts if you like the content or ideas to help build loyalty.

7. Align Content with Strategy

Step one was to define your strategy. Make sure everything you post aligns with that strategy, or you risk confusing your clientele. For example, if most of your clientele can be found on LinkedIn where they read your long-form articles, perhaps Twitter is not the ideal platform for your brand.

8. Establish Your Credentials

When you post about the procedures you offer, be sure to post details. Don’t just say “Laser treatments”. Offer the following details:

  • Discuss the specific laser you use, and why you chose it
  • Name the specific procedures you provide
  • Link to clinical studies as well as to beauty magazines and bloggers who may talk about those procedures.

Finally, be sure to highlight your team as well—tell readers about the training they’ve had or the number of procedures they’ve performed.

9. Use Multiple Contributors

While it’s important to have a specific “tone and voice”, that doesn’t mean that only one person must be responsible for all your social media, especially if you’re using video or long-form written content. Let your team write articles or tweet about their favorite parts of the business or breakthrough procedures. It will help to personalize your social media.

10. Make it Easy for Clients to Find Your Content

Social media and the internet are full of tools to help make it easy for people to find the right content. Use them. Hashtags, for example, help to group tweets and content around specific topics, and they make it easy for interested new users to find their way to your content. Don’t use complicated and long URLs (web addresses) to direct readers to your website or social media posts. Use a tool like Bit.ly to create short but memorable addresses to make sharing links easier. The easier you make it for clients, the more engaged they will be with your brand.

Attract More Attention on Social Media with Special Offers

Of course, everyone loves getting free stuff! Here are some strategic reasons that your medspa business should think about advertising some desirable free extras.

Build Customer Loyalty

Current clientele is more likely to return and book follow-up appointments if they feel rewarded for their business.

Attract New Potential Customers

Bring in more new customers by offering free treatments and package deals. Free treatments for first time customers are a well known strategy to increase both new clientele and referrals.

Advertise New Treatments

Why not let new & returning customers try out new, more advanced procedures for free? Complimentary trials will help raise awareness about the benefits of the latest services offered. Treatment offers are a great way to boost the success of any social media marketing effort.

Increase Referrals

Some businesses have used coupons, referral cards, or email campaigns to grow their client network. Current clients are happy to pass on their recommendation, with a complimentary service, to friends and family. So, consider using a treatment gift to help your existing customers build word-of-mouth buzz and increase referrals.

Maximize Results

Some cosmetic laser procedures and skincare therapies work best in combination with add-on treatments. By offering these smaller procedures for free, you are strategically highlighting the effectiveness of more expensive therapies. This will boost overall results, customer satisfaction and, in turn, increase the likeliness of gaining referral patients.

Determining Which Services to Offer with Laser Treatment

Secure these lucrative advantages for your medspa business by selecting the right complimentary services to offer.


This minimally invasive technique has been shown to decrease the appearance of scars, increase collagen, and encourage hair growth. Microneedling can be used in combination with popular laser treatments to improve results. It’s a fairly simple procedure, which makes it a great complimentary extra.

When combined with a non-ablative Nd:YAG laser, for example, patients can see immediate improvement in acne, scars, Rosacea, wrinkles and skin elasticity. Because both the laser therapy and microneedling processes increase collagen, clients notice an even fuller look following a quick facial.


As a fast add-on, dermaplaning boosts customer satisfaction because they may be able to reach desired results with less visits.

Estheticians and medspa staff have started offering complimentary dermaplaning with laser hair removal services on the face. This technique uses a scalpel to delicately remove dirt, oil and tiny facial hair, while exfoliating the surface of the skin. Clients love it as a painless alternative to tweezing, waxing, or shaving with a razor. When performed prior to laser hair removal, it makes the treatment more effective. By freeing the skin’s surface of dead skin cells, the laser is more accurate and can penetrate directly to the targeted hair.

For skin rejuvenation, dermaplaning is also a great follow-up service to gift with non-ablative laser treatments. Together, these two procedures work to resurface the skin and speed up cellular turnover for patients with hyperpigmentation, sun-damaged skin, signs of aging and large pores. About 10 days after the client’s laser treatment, the dermaplane process effectively clears away dead skin produced by the treatment and will reveal refreshed skin.


Unlike other energy-based aesthetic devices, lasers can be paired with injectable treatments in one sitting. There is no evidence that laser therapy can destabilize or damage fillers, like Botox®; they are safe to use together in the same appointment. Experts even say that combining laser treatments and fillers provides great results for patients. This is especially true for especially for scar reduction, skin laxity and facial contouring.

Chemical Peels

For impressive, long-term improvement of irregular pigmentation, sun damage, moderate scarring, and deep wrinkles, medspas are successfully combining chemical peels with laser resurfacing. A chemical peel effectively removes the top layer of skin on the face and neck. This reveals, softer, healthier-looking skin lying below. When used in tandem with laser resurfacing, it delivers a high degree of customer satisfaction for facial rejuvenation.

It’s important that the peel be performed before the laser treatment, and never the reverse. The strength of peel utilized and the type of cosmetic laser used should be determined by the customer’s individual skin type and problem area. A popular package includes a complimentary TCA chemical peel along with CO2 resurfacing laser treatment.


For clients looking to improve melasma, other forms of skin discoloration, and faster tattoo removal results, consider offering a microdermabrasion treatment. Combining therapies can speed up the laser tattoo removal process. Plus, because microdermabrasion stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, it can yield more drastic results when used with anti-aging treatments.

Dermabrasion is a non-invasive, exfoliation technique which helps eliminate dead cells from the surface of skin. This increases the effectiveness of laser treatments working to break up dark pigmentation. In the weeks following the laser therapy, the body naturally clears away the destroyed pigment resulting in clearer skin.

Get more expert information here: Boost Med Spa Profits with Targeted Skincare and Laser Treatments.

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