How to Drain an Alma Harmony or Soprano Handpiece | Laser Service Solutions
Ryan Koenig

In the event that you have to send in your soprano or original harmony hand-piece for service, especially during the winter time, you’re going to have to drain it. In order to drain it, you’re going to need a drain fitting here and you’re also going to need a hand pump. Both of these are to be plugged into the actual butt end connector of the hand-piece itself. Right now, as you can see, they’re in the locked position. What you’re going to have to do is actually depress both the top and bottom buttons like this and then insert it.

It doesn’t matter which one you put the head pump itself or the drain fitting. It’s all the same. If those are connected, make sure you have an empty receptacle for the water because once you start actually pumping this, the water is going to come out of the umbilical and the hand-piece. As you can see, the water is coming out now. Once only air comes out, that’s how you know that the hand-piece is completely empty.

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