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In the event that you have to send in your Harmony XL hand piece for service, you’re going to have to use two things in order to drain it. You’re going to have to use this hand piece pump here and also a vent fitting, this guy. Both of these start in the locked position. What you’re going to have to do is, you’re going to have to push this little metal tab and it puts it into the unlock position for both. Like such, and then you’re going to have to attach it to the actual butt end connector of the hand piece itself, so these little tiny water ports.

It doesn’t matter what side you put the vent or the pump. It’s all the same. You put that on there, make sure it locks in. There you go. Make sure you have an empty receptacle, like a bottle or maybe a half gallon of water in order to dump this into, because as soon as you start pumping, the water is going to come out. See, the hand piece is draining. That’s all the water that’s inside the hand piece itself and the umbilical. Once air is coming out like that, that’s how you know that it’s completely drained. What I’d like to do is just get a little pen, to click those little metal tabs, it makes life a lot easier. Now your hand piece should be drained and ready to be shipped.

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