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Looking for ways to bring in more patients and offer more options for your existing patient base? Consider an aesthetic laser.

This versatile tool can provide a wide range of services to help patients look and feel better. It can also offer new ways to perform treatments that your med spa may already offer, and expand your spa’s range of services, making your location even more appealing.

For instance, some aesthetic lasers can offer skin treatments and hair removal, which are both services that many spas already have available through other methods. In the experienced hands of someone properly trained, laser treatments can be less invasive and have longer-lasting results, even permanent where hair removal is concerned.

Like any business investment, there are certainly pros and cons since aesthetic laser equipment can represent a significant capital cost. But generally, the purchase can be beneficial if your spa is looking for more growth along with opportunities to stay competitive.

Dermatologists or clinic owners also don’t have to take the plunge and make a significant purchase either: some providers including Laser Service Solutions also allow clinics to rent aesthetic lasers and equipment. This can provide the option to try out a current device, see if your customers like it, and if your staff likes it.

Rentals are provided on a daily basis which offers more flexibility and helps determine if the revenue will be worth a full investment for a permanent fixture or something you bring in occasionally. Having the machine available only sometimes can even build up demand for your services.

Most sought after aesthetic laser treatments include:

Hair removal.

Concentrated pulses of light from a laser can eliminate hair follicles and prevent them from growing back in areas such as the face or bikini line. This is a faster, less painful and more effective way to deal with unwanted hair as opposed to more conventional methods like tweezing, waxing or bleaching. A laser has some advantages in that it can eliminate the hairs themselves but not affect nearby skin. Trained dermatologists or laser technician can adjust the laser to target certain types of hair and where it’s located.

Skin resurfacing & rejuvenation.

Some types of lasers can treat skin blemishes or some scars by penetrating and removing layers of skin. Other non-ablative options can increase collagen production which can also tighten skin. A dermatologist can meet with patients ahead of time to look closer at the skin and area to be resurfaced. For instance, a laser may work well for more shallow acne scars, lines, wrinkles and some sagging but may not work as well on darker skin or stretch marks.

Pigmented lesions.

Like the laser treatments available for skin resurfacing & rejuvenation, some of the same lasers can help with pigmentation issues like freckles, brown spots, age spots & birthmarks. A non-ablative treatment like an IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) will pulse light through the skin and break down the melanin causing the pigmentation.

Tattoo removal.

Many types of past lasers have been able to reduce the vividness of tattoos and help them be less noticeable but haven’t able to completely remove certain pigments. However, advances in laser technology are now able to break up the colors so the design can be completely removed.

People who aren’t familiar with lasers should be aware that while treatment may be quick and can lead to positive results at a cosmetic or medical level, no matter what type of procedure, there will likely be a few days of redness, itching and recovery time. In some cases, lasers can cause some scarring, infection or sensitivity to the sun following a procedure.

Thinking about adding cosmetic lasers to your practice? Consider Working with a Laser Company that Manufactures Its Own Parts.

Whether this is a permanent solution, or a laser is part of rental equipment option, it can open new doors for spas and their patients. Contact Laser Service Solutions for more information about which options could work best for your location and resources.

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