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Hey guys, this is Paul with Laser Service Solutions. Today we’re going to do a quick video to help you add water to your sanitary Elite and Elite+ Laser. Okay, when we turn the machine on and it says that the water level is low, what you’re going to do is turn the machine off, you’re going to open your front door, you’re going to grab your fill kit which is a funnel, then you have this connector right here on the front.

If this is up, you need to press this down until it clicks. Then you can go ahead and attach your funnel. Most of the time, it’s only going to be about a funnel or two low.

You don’t want to overfill it because it will leak out of the top of the reservoir. You want to just put a little in like this. Then I take a flashlight, I try and shine a flashlight on the reservoir to illuminate it, then I give the machine a shake, and you should be able to see where the water level is bouncing around in there, and you just go on until the water level is full. After that, you press this button, the funnel pops out, and you turn the machine on.

If you need a fill kit funnel, you can go to our website at or you can give us a call at 856-853-7555.

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