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Men and women spend billions of dollars every year to fight the visual and emotional effects of male or female pattern balding, and alopecia. The amount spent on an annual basis is expected to get larger as Millennials age. This large generational cohort is looking for options to treat and prevent hair loss from getting worse.

Laser treatment for baldness holds a lot of promise with the least amount of effort and side effects. Dermatologists and other doctors who provide hair loss treatment stand to benefit greatly by adding laser treatments to their practice. Here’s a look at how lasers work to stop and reverse hair loss and the advantages of laser therapy over other hair loss treatments.

How Laser Treatment for Balding Works

There are a number of reasons why someone experiences hair loss, but one of the most common causes of hair loss is an attack on the hair follicle by dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT, an androgen found in the skin and other parts of the body, attaches itself to the hair follicle and eventually causes it to weaken and die. A typical follicle growth cycle has three phases: growth, resting, then shedding. DHT disrupts this cycle, and causes the hair follicle to grow back thinner and weaker. Over time, the follicle dies off, resulting in permanent hair loss. A laser can be used to treat hair loss of all types, but the treatment has been shown to be highly effective for DHT-related hair loss.

Laser treatment for hair loss works by repairing the hair follicle and making it more resistant to the effects of DHT. Applying a low-level laser to the scalp has the effect of stimulating the scalp to deliver more nutrients and blood flow to the area of treatment. More specifically, the laser light works on cytochrome C oxidase which then causes the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP helps with the growth phase of the hair follicle as well as extending its life cycle. The resulting hair follicle is healthy, thicker, and stronger than it was prior to laser treatment. Patients frequently experience hair growth that looks and feels healthy after a series of laser treatments.

Laser Treatment Can Also Prevent Hair Loss

Using a laser for the prevention of hair loss also has the benefit of preventing further hair loss unlike other types of treatments that can see hair loss resume if treatment is stopped. The laser makes the scalp healthier than it was prior to treatment. A healthy scalp encourages hair growth and slow down or stop the hair growth and loss cycle. The patient experiences continued hair growth even if there’s a gap in treatments.

The Benefits of Using Laser Treatment to Treat Hair Loss

There are a number of treatment options that help prevent hair loss, but not everyone wants to utilize those options. Undergoing hair transplantation involves minor surgery and can be a painful process. Medications like finasteride and minoxidil bring the risk of unwanted and unpleasant side effects. In contrast, the use of a laser to treat hair loss is non-invasive, has little to no side effects, and has been proven as a valid therapy to treat balding.

Many patients who have undergone laser treatment to stop their follicle loss have seen positive results without the need to take medication, use expensive shampoos, or endure the process of hair transplantation. Patients also benefit from the fact that laser therapy for hair loss is quick, painless, and convenient.

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