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Pre-Owned Candela Gentlelase Mini Aesthetic Laser for Sale

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The 755 nm Alexandrite laser system from Candela is a compact and highly efficient aesthetic laser; an affordable path to enter the laser hair removal industry. The Gentlelase mini is approved for skin types I-III for hair removal and pigment treatments.

Pre-Owned Candela Gentlelase Mini Aesthetic Laser for sale! Candela’s flagship hair removal laser family, the Gentlelase system is FDA approved for hair removal in addition to pigmented and vascular lesions. The Gentlelase Mini has a 50% faster repetition rate than it’s predecessor, and it’s compact design fits comfortably in the smallest procedure rooms.

With specialized handpieces, the Gentlelase Mini can be used to treat fine lines in addition to small scale facial hair removal, making the Mini a prime candidate for properly trained barber shops and salons. A cost-effective to add laser hair removal to your service offerings, the Gentlelase Mini is best suited for practices and medspas with a lighter-skin client base, safe for use only on skin types I, II, and III.

All laser systems are sold fully serviced and thoroughly tested to meet or exceed OEM specifications and come with a 30-day warranty!

We’ll also make sure you never run out of pulses. Our highly trained technicians will carry out a preventative maintenance plan or full-service contract to best fit the needs of your practice.

Please contact us to see detailed photos and get more information about the Candela Gentlelase Mini Systems currently in stock.”

Laser Type



755 nm

Skin Type

Fitzpatrick skin types I-III

Electrical Outlet

230 V 50/60 Hz, single phase, 20A

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