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DOT Laser Therapy is a hot topic treatment available today. As one of the newest trends in skin care, it’s going to alter the way you think about lasers. Skin technology is a constantly changing environment, but many people are turning to this form of epidermal resurfacing to improve the way their skin looks and feels. Isn’t that what everyone is looking for? How to reverse the signs of visible aging with treatments that really get the job done? One of these cosmetic therapies stands out above the rest with it’s amazing results. “DOT” itself stand for “dermal optical thermolysis”, which is just a fancy way of saying that thousands of microscopic dots are created on the skin by the laser to resurface the skin. Refreshing the skin is what this type of cosmetic treatment is all about. There isn’t a cream, lotion, or over-the-counter serum that is going to do what a laser can achieve in the hands of a skilled medical professional. Here is everything you need to know about this better form of CO2 laser resurfacing, called DOT Therapy, from Laser Service Solutions. We are the premier medical laser repair, rental, and laser system parts sales force in your area, providing the highest quality lasers for your medical office.

How DOT Therapy Works

DOT Therapy is part of a less invasive form of CO2 resurfacing. In the past these treatments used to be very harsh on the skin causing it to be red and inflamed after the procedure was over. Sometimes weeks’ worth of downtime was needed before you could face the world again. DOT Therapy works in a different way. The Deka SmartXide Dot Laser is the one most cosmetic surgery offices and dermatologists in medi-spa settings are using to perform this treatment which can take years off a person’s face. In only one appointment you’ll find that imperfections in your skin are a problem of the past, as the DOT lasers go to work on your face, neck, and decolletage. There is no need for sedation. Your doctor might apply a little topic anesthetic to make the procedure more comfortable, but there really isn’t any pain involved. The doctor will be able to customize the settings of the Deka SmartXide Dot Laser to be able to take care of the skin issues that you are having. Afterwards your skin might be a little red, similar to a mild sunburn, but it’s nothing like the extreme irritation of skin care treatments in the past that were much more invasive.

Skin Is Transformed

In only about an hour-long appointment, you can get results that are unlike anything you’ve experienced before with traditional laser therapy. The treatment itself can take care of your entire face in about twenty minutes. It tackles aging skin in a highly effective manner to get rid of fine lines, uneven skin tone, old acne scars, and even age spots are diminished greatly. This will produce that young radiant skin you are looking for in just one treatment. Tone is restored, elasticity improved, and the signs of time just march right away. It’s just that easy to achieve better looking skin with DOT Laser Therapy.

Benefits Of Laser Therapy

Some of the benefits of this therapy as opposed to older ones is there won’t be any bleeding, less discomfort during the treatment, and you can look forward to a rapid healing process with minimal recovery time. This is mostly due to the “dot patterns” performed by the laser that allows for more precise laser placement. It’s going to take care of your skin care issues more easily with this new way of using laser therapy. Plus for most people, only one session of DOT is needed to make the skin look totally renewed.

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