How to Change Handpieces on an Elite or Elite+ Laser | Laser Service Solutions
Ryan Koenig


Hey guys, this is Paul with Laser Service Solutions. Today I’m going to show a quick video on how to properly disconnect your handpiece from your Cynosure Elite and Elite+.

Here’s how you properly disconnect the handpiece so that nothing falls apart on it. You take it out of your Cal-Port. You pull back on this knob here for the communication cable, and it will disconnect. You want to pull straight out with the handpiece from the bell housing and the fiber. You don’t want to twist it like this because this could unscrew and then the optics could fall out.

A lot of time your hand-pieces are getting hot. We’re going to have another video on how to troubleshoot a hot hand-piece. If you’re having any issues like that you want to give us a call. We can get you set up, rebuild your hand-piece, align it and send it back to you. Our phone number is 856-853-7555.

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