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Being Prepared For the Most Common Aesthetic Laser Issues

Like any piece of medical or office equipment, aesthetic lasers can malfunction or breakdown on occasion, especially if they are not maintained properly. These precision machines require a lot of parts that must work together correctly in order to perform optimally. Regular maintenance and occasional repairs are necessary during the life of the unit. Here are some of the most common issues that can affect the precision of your aesthetic laser system or cause it to breakdown.

Dr. Doris Day / EndyMed on WSJ Live

One of our newest EndyMed providers and well recognized celebrity Dermatologist, Dr. Doris Day, was recently featured on the Lunch Break segment of the Wall Street Journal Live discussing the latest in Aesthetic devices and procedures.  She kicks off the segment with an excellent review of our EndyMed Intensif.
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Laser Product Rental Tips

The end of the summer is around the corner and getting ahead of tasks on hand is more important than ever, it's time to consider scheduling your Aesthetic Laser Rental Days. Are you interested in offering Aesthetic Laser Treatments at your practice or spa? Do you have the concern for whether or not your patient population can support an investment into laser therapy technology? Are you concerned about the high costs and short usage life of many of the current aesthetic systems that are on the market?

The Benefits of Renting Laser Equipment Versus Buying

When you work in the field of spa treatments and cosmetics services you would think that the more services you can offer, the more successful a business is likely to be, but that isn't truly the case. Especially not the case when you are dealing with laser cosmetic services and the hefty price tags that come with the equipment needed to perform them, which is exactly why renting is such a beneficial option in this field of business.