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Lasers and aesthetic procedures have truly transformed the field of dermatology and cosmetic procedures. These sophisticated devices are used for skin resurfacing, vascular lesions, hair removal, scars and more. Laser systems range from $50,000+ and are a hefty investment for medical practices. Service contracts are an essential necessity with high-tech aesthetic equipment, as even the best manufactured laser will malfunction from time to time, and lasers come with a limited warranty. Pre-Owned laser equipment often comes with just a 30-day warranty. Some laser manufacturers don’t even allow the original one year warranty to be transferred to another buyer. Not only do lasers breakdown due to daily wear and tear, physicians cannot control how their staff handles or maintains the equipment. Daily wear and tear will affect the reliability, safety and effectiveness of all laser systems and hand pieces. Without a service contract, when a glitch occurs, a service call from the manufacturer can cost around $1,500+ not including the cost of replacement parts and it usually takes days to get you scheduled. The delay in repair time can cost physicians from $4,000 to $6,000 per day. That’s a significant amount of money. That’s why quick repairs are critical to business operations. And if you choose not to renew a service contract, a manufacturer will require a technician to assess the equipment before reissuing a warranty in the future. The fees for this could tally upwards of $15,000. From costly repairs and loss in daily revenue to non-renewals, there’s a lot of money on the table. All around, having a service contract in place for laser equipment is an economically savvy approach.

Common Repairs for Laser Equipment

Many laser hand pieces stop working after 50,000 pulses leaving the user with high repair and maintenance costs. And while laser machines and equipment come with a manual for troubleshooting instructions, a laser technician will likely have to be called in. Even doctors lack the knowledge of the inner works in high-tech laser equipment. Common repairs for laser equipment and systems include:

  • Replacement of flash lamps
  • Replacement of flow tubes
  • Replace damaged windows
  • Cleaning and aligning of optical components
  • Cleaning and polishing of reflective cavity
  • Replacement of damaged wires
  • Replacement of outer shells
  • Servicing the cooling system
  • Repair or replacement of cracked screens
  • Repair of power supplies
  • Re-calibration of equipment

With a service contract in place, medspas, dermatologists, hair removal centers and doctors can save thousands of dollar per year on repair and replacement costs. Laser Service Solutions offers several different service contracts, specializing in Alma, Candela & Cynosure systems. Inquire today to keep dollars in your wallet.

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