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A medical spa can be an undoubtedly smart business start-up, especially considering just how many people want to look and feel their best. But medical start-ups are also an undoubtedly expensive venture. From salaries to equipment, it’s easy to let your numbers spin out of control if you’re not careful.

Reducing your start-up costs not only makes it easier to stick to a tight budget, it can also help you establish a price advantage over your direct competitors. See how you can maintain your quality without overspending. 

Purchase Pre-Owned or Refurbished Equipment 

You might be hesitant to purchase pre-owned equipment because you’re worried about its inherent quality. However, consider the fact that spa owners may choose to sell their equipment for any number of reasons that have nothing to do with its efficacy. From early retirement to shifts in volume, you can end up getting an amazing deal on machinery that still has plenty of life left in it.  

As for refurbished equipment, you can find pieces that have been perfectly restored by expert hands. It’s an opportunity to get your hands on a machine that’s just as good as new but sold for a fraction of the price. And while you’ll certainly need to do your homework when it comes to either buying pre-owned or refurbished, the time you spend will be well worth the money you don’t.

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Proper Training 

Staff training must be a priority — the start-up period is not a time to cut corners with your employees. They are the glue that holds your operation together and the hands that maintain your expensive aesthetic equipment. Make sure you’re hiring competent people who feel comfortable working under pressure. You may want to spend an extra week or two on training to run your staff through the paces and ensure they’re ready for the unexpected. 

It only takes a single mistake to threaten the integrity of your equipment and endanger the safety of your customers. Training helps your staff become experts at changing disposables on your cosmetic laser equipment. It gives them the chance to learn the treatment guidelines by heart. Many medical spa start-ups feel uneven at first, as staff learn to work together and operate the machinery. The initial disorganization can turn new customers off forever. The more you work out your kinks now, the smoother the first few months will go. 

Rent Aesthetic Lasers

Once you have established your med spa and have gained experience with your pre-owned equipment and well-trained staff, the next step would be to grow your business and expand your clientele. Aesthetic laser rentals can be a great option when looking to expand your treatment options. If looking to offer new services or experience different laser systems, when you choose rental equipment, you have a chance to collect feedback from clients & staff prior to making a much larger investment. 

While it may seem disruptive to rent several brands or types of medical laser devices, the reality is that renting laser equipment is less of a hassle than having to live with equipment especially if looking to offer specialized or targeted treatments. And the right equipment for each medical spa isn’t a one-size solution. You may find that certain lasers work better on your target demographic than others, or you may find that one piece of equipment drastically reduces the time spent between patients, allowing you to fit more people in a day.

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Laser Service Solutions understands just how complicated the start-up process can be, which is why we provide both the equipment and advice that new owners need to make tough decisions. We offer medical laser rental, pre-owned & refurbished lasers for purchase, and quality parts on all the best models for aesthetic equipment. We can also provide support if you need support years down the road, offering repairs and rework at the drop of a hat. So, if you want to buy a pre-owned medical laser that won’t break down in the middle of a procedure, contact us today to see how we can help. 

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