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The world is just beginning to understand the power of picosecond technology. When we speak of picosecond technology what we are mostly talking about is aesthetic lasers, ps-lasers, for the removal of tattoos and skin pigmentation such as melasma or birthmarks.

Using this picosecond technology allows practices and a medspa to offer cutting edge cosmetic laser equipment to their patients for better outcomes and reduced downtime.

What is a Picosecond Laser?

Like all lasers, picosecond technology uses light energy to accomplish a task. Picosecond lasers, though, emit that light at a much faster rate than more conventional products. For example, a picosecond equals one trillionth of a second as compared to a Q-switched laser, ns-laser, that emits light in nanosecond pulses or one billionth of a second.

In some cases, the optical pulses come in tens of picoseconds which is why it’s not surprising that picosecond lasers are also called ultrafast or ultrashort pulse lasers. In addition, picosecond lasers use 50 percent less energy than the more common Q-switched models.

These specialized lasers use alexandrite rods. The alexandrite laser is critical in a variety of industries. They work for:

  • Etching
  • Drilling
  • Marking metals
  • Metal coatings
  • Ceramics
  • CE mastering

They also have multiple medical uses like:

  • Blood-flow cytometry
  • Confocal microscopy
  • Fluorescence diagnostics

It’s their introduction into the world of aesthetic and dermatologic lasers that has had the most impact. They offer a safe and effective solution for both tattoo removal and the treatment of pigmented lesions.

Picosecond Lasers and Tattoo Removal

Ps-lasers work to remove tattoos, especially ones resilient to a Q-switched treatment. Picosecond technology allows for a high amount of energy delivered quickly. The rapid delivery of energy can reduce heat buildup leading to fewer side effects such as blistering.

That rapid heat delivery also vibrates the pigment, shattering the ink without causing burns. The ink particles clear at some point with the help of the patient’s own immune system.

Since the picosecond laser is aggressive, it allows for:

  • Faster clearance with fewer treatments
  • Removal of ink deep in the tissue
  • Less downtime for the patient
  • Treatments that are closer together

Picosecond Lasers and Acne Scarring

Acne scarring is challenging because it tends to resist most treatment protocols, like skin resurfacing. The picosecond laser treatment is showing promise, though. It has a two-fold effect not seen in other methods.

When used with a diffractive lens array, the laser creates a thermal injury on the affected skin. The injury, in turn, triggers the body’s natural healing process by stimulating collagen synthesis and remodeling the skin. A 2015 study found that after six laser treatments, all participants were happy with the results. They also rated the pain with a score of 2.83 out of 10.

Skin Discolorations

From birthmarks to melasma to sun damage, skin discolorations tend to be an aesthetic source of concern for patients. Using a picosecond laser solution for inflammatory pigmentation is somewhat new but showing promising results including for patients with darker skin tones.

The ability to target smaller particles and confine the thermal damage is a plus. Often picosecond technology provides a variety of wavelength options and special applicators to remove superficial hyperpigmentation. The innovative care plan using these medical laser devices allows for treatment of the pigmentation and skin revitalization in one session with fewer risks, too.

The picosecond solution also minimizes the risk of scarring from the procedure and allows for the clearing of discolorations in fewer sessions. The ability to toggle different wavelengths provides more flexibility for skin types, as well.

Advanced Aesthetic Equipment for Your Business – Buy, Rent or Lease

The improved clinical outcomes for patients and the reduction in common risk factors seen in laser use makes this technology a piece of aesthetic equipment worth trying. To find out more about picosecond technology or are interested in renting a picosecond laser, contact us at Laser Service Solutions. Our experts are on hand to help.

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