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Like any piece of medical or office equipment, aesthetic lasers can malfunction or breakdown on occasion, especially if they are not maintained properly. These precision machines require a lot of parts that must work together correctly in order to perform optimally. Regular maintenance and occasional repairs are necessary during the life of the unit. Here are some of the most common issues that can affect the precision of your aesthetic laser system or cause it to breakdown.

Error Codes and Circuit Boards

When your software is not regularly updated, you will commonly begin to see more error messages, indicating that there is a problem. Do not ignore these messages because your system is trying to tell you that there is a problem and needs attention. This can affect how well your unit is producing light, laser accuracy, cooling efficiency, equipment calibration, and other functions. If your unit fails completely, it may be an indication that something is wrong with the circuit board.

Touchscreen or LCD Malfunctions

Depending on the aesthetic laser unit that you have, there is either a touchscreen or LCD programming screen. Over time, touchscreens may lose touch sensitivity and no longer respond when you press on it. LCD screen brightness can fade, making it difficult to read. These are likely software, hardware, or power issues that will need to be repaired by a technician.

High Voltage Power Supply Failure

One of the most common issues that can affect the performance of your aesthetic laser unit is a power supply failure. The amount of energy needed to create the laser light requires a lot of output from your high voltage power supply (HVPS). If your HVPS is not performing properly, then the strength of your laser will be reduced. This can significantly affect how the laser works during treatments, so it is important to have any HVPS issues addressed immediately.

Water and Air System Issues

The water and air systems of any aesthetic laser unit are essential in keeping it cool and in good working order. These systems often have problems due to improper use, mishandling, or lack of proper maintenance. Filling the tank with regular water, inhibiting air flow, or failing to clean the filters can turn minor issues into major problems for the health of your unit.

Handpiece Repairs

Since the handpiece is the most used part of your aesthetic laser system, it will usually require the most attention. Whether the handpiece needs repairs due to everyday wear and tear or it gets dropped and breaks, it is the most common part that needs repairing or replacing. Continuing to use a broken or malfunctioning handpiece can cause other issues, including suboptimal treatment results. Address any handpiece issues as soon as they happen.

Lamp and Laser Malfunctions

Flash lamps, laser guides, lenses, distance gauges, and fiber optic cables can break or fail, just like any piece of hardware or mechanical part. Especially in high traffic medical practices or med spa clinics, the more you use your aesthetic laser system, the more often you will need to repair or replace these essential parts.

Testing and Recalibration Issues

Aesthetic laser units are highly sensitive machines that need to stay calibrated for optimal performance. If one system or part is off by even a little bit, it can affect how well the laser works and how effectively treatments are performed. Annual testing, recalibration, and realignment maintenance are necessary to keep the unit running smoothly. Adjustments to the laser and light systems, analog circuits, optical parts, and mirrors require regular performance maintenance to keep the unit running as it should.

Overall Unit Maintenance

While these are just a few of the most common issues that can affect the performance of your aesthetic laser system, there are plenty of other things that can go wrong. Like any sensitive piece of technology, preventative maintenance is the key to a healthy, functioning system. Calibration and alignment of your system should, at the very least, be completed on a yearly basis, though every six months is recommended. These system checks can find potential problems before they cause your unit to malfunction or break down completely.

Our Flexible Service Plans

To prolong the life or your aesthetic laser system, we offer flexible service plans that will fit any budget. We service most brands, such as Alma, Candela, Cynosure, and Zimmer systems. We offer full laser repair and parts replacement on these devices. Regularly scheduling preventative maintenance is the best way to ensure that your laser unit continues to work at the most optimal levels for the lifetime of the system. Rather than waiting for these common repair issues to occur, plan for the inevitable by securing a service plan today.

Trust in Laser Service Solutions

If your system shuts down or needs maintenance, our on-call service technicians are ready to help. By calling us at 856-853-7555, we will have your aesthetic laser unit back up and running in no time. For laser repair services or custom-designed parts, Laser Service Solutions is the only partner you will need.

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